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Save costs and time developing your own app
Use KitWall to keep in touch with your audience

Like to inform your customers of new arrivals? Flash sales?

Like to start a weather alerts wall for your city?

Need a notification system for employee communications?

Spending money on SMS notifications? Use KitWall. It's free!


About KitWall

KitWall is a Group Notification system designed to help you communicate with your audience, be they your customers or employees or fellow residents of community or your students. This is easy to use and allows private as well as public notifications. It also allows multiple administrators to share the work or to keep round the clock attention.KitWall is provided by VenPlex Inc., a California Corporation.


Why KitWall?

We get asked this question some times.Coming to think of it,we think it's pretty obvious.We are all savy users of Email,Facebook, WhatsApp,Texting and such other applcations....

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